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Stop "Shoulding" All Over Yourself


I have seen many different patients with many different challenges through the years. The one common thing that I hear is “I SHOULD.” I should start exercising – I should eat better – I should have gotten adjusted sooner – I should spend more quality time with my family – I should start to take better care of myself. In other words, people are “shoulding” all over themselves.

We all know there are things that we should be doing to improve the quality of our lives. You see – it’s not how long we live – it’s how WELL we live through those years. The question comes to be: WHY don’t we do them? The answer: We haven’t created a big enough reason. We all know we should be exercising, right? Would it make a difference if I told you that you would die next week if you didn’t start exercising? Under the circumstances, I think you would make time to start exercising. WHY… because now you have a strong enough reason to do it. You have now created leverage on yourself. If you want to stop “shoulding” on yourself, create a strong reason to start doing what you know you should do. Create your own “WHY.”

Many of us do not take the time to stop and think about what we should be doing to improve the quality of our lives or to stop something painful that is taking place in our lives. Once you decide what needs to be done, then take immediate action. Procrastination is the thief of good health. The Nike slogan goes, “JUST DO IT.” They don’t say, “SHOULD DO IT.” That wouldn’t sell many sneakers.

Your health, like your life, requires participation and effort. “Shoulding” requires little to no effort and therefore gets no results. Let us Help You – Help Yourself!

18901 Chiropractor | Stop "Shoulding" All Over Yourself. Dr. Michael Brady is a 18901 Chiropractor.